VIDEO: Noel Mazzone on UCLA QB Competition

Aug. 25 -- UCLA's offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the UCLA football quarterback competition...

Noel Mazzone talks about the UCLA quarterback competition.

On if he's ever gone this long without knowing a quarterback:
Yep. Many times. The last time like this was, I have a hard time remembering yesterfday. Happened at Auburn, Ole Miss. The only place it didn't happen was NC State, Phillip Rivers. Norm Chow coached him, I reaped the benefits of it. We've been practicing hard, its been a great competition. We'll make a decision.

On how long it took at Auburn:
48 hours before the game.

On what he learned by that:
I've never been a two-quarterback guy. And I'm not a guy, that whoever is our guy, when he's out there, he's our guy. You have to go through the good times and bad times. I've got tremendous confidence in that position right now.

On if he'll use both guys in some capacity:
Don't know. You know how football games are. If you had told me I was using two quarterbacks before Texas, I would have said no. But I feel good about the position.

On if he'll rotate two:
No, I'm not a two quarterback guy. 

On guys playing multiple positions:
I think it was probably three years ago when they saw Myles Jack run for 167 yards on nine carries. If a guy can help you on the football team, any coaching staff, they'll put the guys who will help them the best. Its not in the coaches manual. A lot of these guys are two-way players.

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