Latest Development on Ishmael Adams

Aug. 31 -- We have the latest on the incident involving Ishmael Adams, and what likely will happen to the junior defensive back...

Ishmael Adams, the UCLA junior defensive back who was arrested for robbery and held for $100,000 bail, will more than likely be able to plead down the charges to a misdemeanor, according to sources very close to the situation. 

Adams was arrested by UC Police after he attempted to steal a cell phone from an Uber driver Sunday night.  The incident took place very close to the UCPD office on UCLA's campus.

A source said it looks very likely that the charge will be reduced to a drunk and disorderly conduct charge and Adams will probably be ordered to perform community service.  It helped that Adams had no prior arrests or charges on his record.

It's expected that Adams will be suspended for a few games as a result.

The bail was thought to be high -- at $100,000 -- because campus police wanted to make sure it didn't look like Adams would receive special treatment because he was a UCLA football player. 

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