VIDEO: UCLA QB Josh Rosen After Virginia

Sep. 5 -- UCLA freshman quarterback Josh Rosen talks after his masterful debut against Virginia on Saturday...

The final statline for Josh Rosen on Saturday was incredible: 28 of 35 for 351 yards and three touchdowns. And that was all with a drop by Kenny Walker that would have been a 75-yard touchdown on the first play of the game. He talks about the performance here.

On his first throw:

I was just thinking, lets score, set a tempo and really get off on the right foot.

On if he was nervous:

I was incredibly nervous but once I got my hands on the ball, I settled down.  I just wanted to touch the ball and get rolling.  I get nervous.

On if this game lived up to his expectations:

Absolutely, no matter how it goes, I just want to win.  As long as we come out with a win.  The offensive line kept me upright, our receivers caught the ball and our defense kept them to nine points or something.  I was incredibly happy with what we did and it was a great start to hopefully a very succesful season.

On his performance:

I thought I did pretty well. I definitely have to improve on some areas. My adrenaline got going and I overthrew some guys in some key spots, but we're going to get that cleaned up.  The offensive line kept me upright and that was probably the best thing of the day.  One sack and that was probably my fault.  Im really excited for whats to come. I have really good receivers, a really good running game, a great defense.  

On what the first start was like:

It was surreal.  You should try it.  Its definitely a good time. Get out there. I think one of the things that some of the NFL guys have talked about is that last feeling of community as a school. Its sort of the last community.  You're playing for the fans and playing for something.  Its a step up from high school.

On if he surprised himself at all:

Actually yeah. I was kind of surprised with how pass happy Coach Mazzone was.  He calls a play and I execute it.

On if the game slowed down for him:

The one thing I noticed, in practice, your defense knows what you're running.  And its a lot faster in practice, but there are no consequences to messing up.  In a game, I feel like it goes a little slower because there is little hesitation, but if you mess up, it hurts a little more.  

On taking some shots:

Yeah, but its part of the game.  You have to stand there and throw the football.  Im not going to be running for my life, I'm not really a scrambling quarterback.  Jake led the charge.  I'm really excited for the future.

On his touchdown to Thomas Duarte:

We called a good play, caught them getting a little greedy, dropped a stick route and just threw it over the top and TD made a phenomenal play and I didn't get touched at all.  

On if the media made too much of him being a true freshman:

I have a ridiculously large supporting cast. I am a true freshman, but our team is certainly not.  Everyone put last years UCLA on a championship pedestal and then after a 10-win season, got off the bandwagon.  I really don't have to do much to keep this incredibly powerful train on the tracks. I just have to get the ball in my playmakers hands and I feel like we have a very bright future.

On if there is a lot for him to do:

Brett was playing musical chairs last year with offensive lineman. This year I have a solid front five. I've got receivers that know exactly what they're doing and have a running back, and an incredible supporting cast.

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