VIDEO: UCLA OC Noel Mazzone on Josh Rosen

Sep. 5 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about freshman quarterback Josh Rosen's performance...

Noel Mazzone talks about the masterful first game from Josh Rosen, who threw for 351 yards and three touchdowns against no interception.

On if anything wowed him with Rosen:

Which number was he?  Nah, he did a nice job.  To be honest, I'm not a nervous guy, but I had a little nerves.  I had never called a game with him before.  It was kind of funny.  He had a good feel for things and communicated with me and seeing things he wanted to see.  The protection was really good for him.  The receivers were being where they're suppose to be.  Hopefuly we can correct some red zone errors.  I wasn't happy with not finishing some drives.

On if he learned anything about Rosen:

Yeah, just make sure he's in the huddle when we play.

On working with him on Saturday:

That's a real good football team.  I've known John Tenuta a long time, so I knew they were going to put pressure on him.  I didn't know how John was going to play us, but then it looked like he was going to pressure Josh.  I thought Josh really stepped up to the challenge.

On going deep on the first play:

I figured I'd get it out of the way. Everybody in the stands would be happy for one series since I threw it deep and I didn't throw a bubble screen.  

On if that shows the confidence he had:

I told him, this will be your first play.  That was the game plan.  It was like Maxwell Smart, missed it by that much.  It was a good throw. I think the kid tipped it a little, Kenny said the DB just got a little finger on it.  

On when he decided to call that play:

I decided on that play on August 4th.

On facing the rush:

I don't think it's learned over time because he's 18 years old.  But what Josh has, this is one game, this is a great foundation for Josh to be in.  He has shown that since I've been here.

On if he's allowed to check off plays:

We didn't have him doing that much today. He had some good suggestions that gave me a good clue on him.  He sees things out there.  

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