VIDEO: Tom Bradley on UCLA's Defense

Sep. 5 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about the defense's performance against Virginia...

UCLA's first-year defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about the performance of his defense during the Virginia game.

On the defensive performance:

Like any other first game, there are always mistakes, things to be corrected that we can do better, missed tackles, penalties, down and distance, not understanding things about that. That's how it goes in the first game. All in all, I thought it was a good start.

On if Virginia did anything different:

Yeah they did. We had practiced the motions.  They went on script the first 15 plays, but then they continued on with what we practiced against but didn't put in there.  It was good, we were ready for it.

On his first game with UCLA:

I had a tough start to the day.  When I got here, my belt wouldn't fit, so you can see, I have no belt. That was the first problem of the day, then we go out there, and the phones don't work.  I thought our guys adjusted well against different formations.  If you're going to be a good football team, you have to go back to your principals.  They did a lot of different things.  It was good, we were ready for it, but we just didn't expect a lot of it.

On reacting to Virginia:

I thought they did a good job of reacting.  We did a good job when we got into the red zone and held them to three field goals.  In that regard, I felt the players did a good job.  Our 3rd and shorts were better than 3rd and longs.

On the lone Virginia touchdown:

I'm not worried about it. Everybody gets them.  There are lies, damn lies and statistics, so you can make it our however you want. We have to get those guys in the game.  We're going to get guys banged up.  We have to play guys, thats how you build the depth.

On subbing out all of his linebackers:

We did. Scotty White had talked about doing that and getting his other guys in and getting them some work, which they did.  They got the first two plays.  That was something to talk about. Something Coach Angus does all the time. We have Eddie come out of the game, Kenny out of the game, Deon out of the game. 

On the game overall:

We made some mistakes and had some penalties that were unfortunate. As any coach, there were a couple calls I would have loved to take back.  We held them to field goals and not touchdowns.

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