VIDEO: Thomas Duarte on Rosen's TD Pass

Sep. 6 -- The receiver talks about how good of a day new UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen had on Saturday...

Thomas Duarte talks about what he saw out of new UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen on Saturday.

On Josh Rosen:

Some of those throws he made, like the one he made on the 2-minute drill to Paul Perkins, off his back foot, he just finds a way to get the ball to the players.  That's what we wanted him to do this game.

On if they were surprised at all:

Sometimes we were. Sometimes we were looking at each other like 'ok, how did he do that.' We all back him 100 percent.

On if its surprising to see that from a freshman:

We don't look at it that way at all. True freshman or senior, we're all the same level of importance and expected to do our job and he did that. 

On if they have any worries about Rosen:

Josh is a real mellow kid.  He knows his role and does it to the full potential to his talent and that's what he did today. There were no worries in our mind.  

On Rosen in the huddle:

He's calm, cool and collected. Real poised.  He brings a calm to the huddle like Brett did and knows how to control the offense.

On what Rosen's ceiling is:

I couldn't tell you. This is his first game in the Rose Bowl and this is what he does.

On adjusting to Rosen's touchdown pass:

The only thing was the sun.  Only thing I had to do was catch the ball. He did his job, I did mine and we put points on the board for the offense.

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