Caleb Benenoch on What Stood Out About Rosen

Sep. 6 -- Junior offensive tackle Caleb Benenoch talks about the play that made him go "Oh wow" with Josh Rosen...

Caleb Benenoch talks about the play that stood out to him when watching Josh Rosen.

On Josh Rosen:

He has a really good sense of the pocket.  He knows where pressure is coming from and how to react to it.  We're a much better offensive line than last year. We're older.  We have a lot more practice under our belt, a lot more game experience. And honestly I give a lot of credit to Coach Klemm. He wasn't here but we played for him tonight.  He did a great job preparing us for this game. We watched a lot of film from last season and transitioned it to this season.  We were able to huddle it this year better and he did a good job getting us prepared for this game.

On their expectations for Rosen:

He went above and beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. At the beginning of the game, I told him to go out there and let it fly. We got your back. He's phenomenal.  We'll get better from here.

On if there was a single play wow moment:

I think I was like 'oh s--t, this kid is the real deal', I'm blocking my guy and Devin Fuller is on the sideline and the DB is real close to him, and he throws a curve ball. I mean, it curves at the end and hits him straight in the end and I'm like 'alright. Alright Josh, whatever.'  He's special though.

On if this was the best he's seen Rosen:

Definitely because we were able to let it go. Practice is so structured, so you could never really tell how good somebody is.  In a game, when the bullets are flying and everybody is reacting, I think he did a really good job.

On when Virginia stopped stacking:

I think about the fifth deep ball, they thought they should back up a little bit.

On Chosen Rosen:

J-Chosen, Chosen Rosen, whatever you want to call him. The Rosen One.  There are plenty of them. Whatever you want to call him.

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