VIDEO: Kenny Clark on UCLA's Defense

Sep. 7 -- The junior nose tackle talks about UCLA's defense performance and his touchdown catch...

Kenneth Clark talks about his big day and what it was like to catch a touchdown pass from Josh Rosen.

On his touchdown catch:

I was excited.  Last year at Cal, I dropped one. They gave me another chance, and I was like 'man, I can't drop this one.'  I was excited, it was a good feeling.

On Josh Rosen as a quarterback:

He hit me right between the numbers.  

On if he knew the play was going to him:

I just ran the route.  There are a couple of routes on the play.  I just ran the route that was designed. I was open and he just threw it to me.

On how fast he is:

They ran a couple screens and I was able to get them from behind. Its a credit to our coaches.  Virginia is a big screen team.

On the adjustments they made:

We went in to the locker room and kept giving them penalties and that was a big way they kept moving the ball. We just relaxed, calmed down, and played football. The penalties were killing us.  As the game went on, we got after the quarterback, the offense kept scoring, we were able to rush and get loose out there. 

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