AUDIO: Kenny Clark on Vanderdoes' Injury

Sep. 8 -- UCLA nose tackle Kenny Clark talks about Eddie Vanderdoes' ACL injury and what it means...

Kenneth Clark talked on Monday about the injury to his fellow defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes:

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On how they’ll absorb the loss of Eddie Vanderdoes:

Next man up mentality, Matt, Eli, Ainuu, everyone, Jacob.  We have to have a next man up mentality and take things up a notch.

On what they lose with Vanderdoes out:

His presence.  Him being out there on the field, his excitement, his enthusiasm, his ability to rush the passer, stop the run. Its crazy.  Crazy him not being out there with us for the rest of the season. He’s one of my best friends.

On what they looked to him for:

Definitely a leader on our team.  Everybody loves Eddie.  He just brings a lot of emotion to the game every Saturday.  He’s definitely a leader to me, these young guys, he keeps pushing us.  Its a big loss for us.  

On how he keeps them loose:

Me and Matt went out to eat and were planning to see Eddie, the whole DL is sticking together with him, talking to each other, joke around, have fun, keep his spirits up.

On if he’s talked to him:

He’s a strong guy.  He’s looking at it in a positive way, which he should. We all think it will work out for the best. Everything happens for a reason.  He’s going to be an outstanding player next year and work as hard as he can next year.

On if he’ll be expected to do more with Vanderdoes out:

Really, my main focus is to lead my team, to lead our defensive line and help them get on pace. We’ve got good players and have a lot of depth on the D-Line, especially the 3-tech.  Matt, Jacob and Eli, its plain and simple, they have to step up. Eddie was a big loss, but all those guys at the 3-tech are good kids and they’ll be able to step up.  Their smart kids.

On what he sees from Ankou and Dickerson:

To see how much they’ve grown, grown up in fall camp and this last game.  Eli, Ainuu and Matt and Jacob had a great game. I think they stayed in their gaps, hit the quarterback a lot and out there making plays like the rest of us. They do a good job.

On what he remembers about the touchdown pass:

I remember me catching the ball, and me celebrating with my teammates.

On if he was surprised Vanderdoes lifted him:

I wasn’t surprised.  We played around and previous times he’d picked me up.  It was cool.

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