2017 tight end Colby Parkinson is hearing from many schools early on, including UCLA

Sep. 10 -- 2017 tight end Colby Parkinson is hearing from many schools early on, including UCLA

It's only two games in to the season but Colby Parkinson is off to a fast start this year, on both sides of the ball (early season highlights shown above). 

Physically, Parkinson looks the part of a next level tight end and at 6-7, 220 pounds, is a huge target. He catches the ball well, showing soft hands, runs well after the catch and is a willing blocker. He has a huge catch radius and shows the flexibility to catch the ball above his head, below his knees and always uses his hands rather than his body to make a catch.

Parkinson has also impressed on defense showing the ability to get up the field and pressure the quarterback as well as take on blockers and make a play in the run game. He's a physical kid and as he fills out and adds more strength, his game will take off to another level.

On the recruiting front, Parkinson has early offers from California, Tennessee, Washington and Washington State. 

"I'm also hearing from Arkansas, UCLA, USC and a few others," Parkinson said. "I'm going to try and attend some games at the in-state schools this season, I want to get out to SC and UCLA for sure, Cal and Stanford too. I don't think I'll be able to go anywhere out of state but I'll visit the local schools.

"Growing up I liked USC and Washington but I don't have any leaders right now, I'm still open. I could make an eary decision after my season though. I won't do anything during the season because I'm really focused on school and football but after the season I could do something. It depends on what schools I have as options but if it feels right, I could do it after my season is over."

Parkinson took a visit to Washington over the summer and with an offer from Cal over the weekend, it's safe to assume the athlete will make it out to Berkeley in the near future as well. 

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