Jack on his Performance, Defense and UNLV

Sep. 9 -- Star linebacker Myles Jack talked about his Virginia performance, facing UNLV in the heat, and the potential of the UCLA defense...

Myles Jack talked to us after practice Tuesday. 

On his assessment of the Virginia game:

Specifically told the linebackers and front seven, I thought we played tremendously.  Eddie and KC played outstanding, me and Kenny Young did our jobs and what we were supposed to do.  Deon had a sack, Aaron did a great job.  All of our grades were 90s.  We all did our assignments. We played a solid game, there are things to improve on, but we played a good game.  

On what they have to improve on:

I would say consistency, just doing the same things over and over correctly.  Being in the right place at the right time. Knowing our gaps.  Being on your game.

On playing inside:

I liked it. It was dirty and gritty, but I liked it. Just hitting lineman, getting to the ball, being with the defensive lineman was fun.  I got the old tendencies out in the spring and San Bernardino.  I'm a middle backer.

On how good the defense can be:

The sky is the limit and how far we want to take it. It comes down to us and we have to bring that performance every single game. We all came out feeling good about ourselves. We have to continue to bring that intensity and effort and we have to continue to do that.

On the role of Tom Bradley:

He's really the more particular parts.  Getting people lined up correctly, having guys in the right place at the right time.

On Scott White:

He's the energy kid.  He gets us going.  He's a brainiac too.  He knows all this stuff and always giving us different ways to do things.  Different things, different tools in the toolbox.

On the loss of Eddie Vanderdoes:

With Eddie being gone, guys are going to have to step up. That's a huge loss. It hurts my heart it had to happen to him.  I know how much the season meant to him and how much he put in to the season. It hurts.  But guys have to step up, guys underneath him and we have to step up.  Its a loss. I'm not going to give you a fake answer, its a loss. Guys have to step up and make up for it.

On the offense:

The offense as a whole, we knew what we had coming back.  Everyone has started on the offensive line, the receivers are veterans, Paul Perkins obviously.  Then there is Josh Rosen, I made a comment saying don't be surprised if he wins the Heisman. He has that type of potential. I pray he brings that every single week. If our offense can score 34 points every week, our defense can hold teams under 34.

On playing running back:

That was a blast.  I wasn't expecting it and then they called me.  I got two carries. I almost scored on the first one so I tried to egg them on to get one and I got it. That was crazy and the first time I got the ball, those guys up front are working. Its rated R up there. I'm doing the easy job.

On if he got any carries in practice:

Kickoff returns but no handoffs. We walked through it a couple times. But no live reps.

On being back for a kickoff:

I was back there. I don't know if anyone saw it.  They kicked it way to the far from me. I guess they weren't going to kick to me. I'll be back there this week and hopefully I'll get one.  We should hold them to minimal opportunities though so hopefully I won't get one.

On going on the road this week:

You're going in to someone's house. And they're gonna bring energy.  Every game is a big game and I'm sure they'll take it as a big game. We're taking it as a big game going to Vegas.  You let the crowd get into it, it weighs on you. We have to play fast and play hard and get that crowd quiet.

On his flags:

I didn't necessarily agree with them, they could have went either way. I'm reaching out, trying to make tackles, trying to make a play, effort.  I just have to get my hands a little lower.  Maybe I have to tackle at the legs. I'm working on it.  Those were just aggressive penalties. I'm trying to make a tackle, and then on 3rd down, it hurt my heart because we're trying to get off the field.  They ended up getting a field goal. Those are aggressive penalties and i have to work on my technique and be better.

On not knowing if he'll play running back:

You keep it in the back of your head. I have an easy job. They give me the ball at the 3-4 yard line, I have to read my blocks.  I have the easy job.

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