Benenoch On Playing Without Klemm

Sep. 10 -- Veteran right tackle Caleb Benenoch talked about the OL's performance against Virginia, and playing without having OL coach Adrian Klemm on the sideline...

Caleb Benenoch talked to the media after practice Tuesday. 

On the OL performance against Virginia:

We had a pretty good day.  Always things to work on and get better.  We watched the film and we look to improve next week.

On what they need to improve:

Getting that gel and feeling back. First game, we got the kinks out but I think we did a good job. On the road, our first time there, and we'll just improve.

On Kennedy Polamalu coaching the offensive line:

Coach Klemm and Coach Polamalu are very in sync. They're on the same page and there is no drop off whatsoever.

On the run game:

I thought we did good in the run game. We started a little slow but they were determined to stop Paul and see what Josh could do.  The second half we showed.  There is always stuff to improve on.

On talking to Adrian Klemm after the game:

When we got to film the next day, he told us we did a good job but there is stuff to work on.  We're trying to get better every day.  There is always stuff to work on.  When you have guys like Josh or Paul Perkins back there, you want to make it as easy as you can.  The easier it is for them, the easier it us for us to score.

On staying even keel:

I don't think thats an issue. We've done a good job as a team, no offense, ignoring what you guys say and write.  We saw how that worked out last year.  When you buy into the hype, you put unexpected pressure on yourself.  We worked to our standard, not the opponents standard or what you guys say.

On Josh Rosen's performance impacting the team:

It was a team effort.  Our receivers made great catches, he was making fantastic throws.  We were blocking our butts off.  As an offensive line, we don't get a lot of accolades so when you have the leading rusher in the Pac-12 or the true freshman quarterback breaking all those records, it gives us pride.

On Rosen staying in the pocket for the offensive line:

We know where he'll be at all times and it makes it hard on the defensive line.  

On Connor McDermott:

I think he's brought consistency to that side of the line.  You know what you'll get from Connor. Great technique.  He's done a great job and helping us find that balance.

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