VIDEO: Noel Mazzone on UNLV, Josh Rosen

Sep. 9 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about UNLV and the performance of quarterback Josh Rosen...

UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the UNLV defense before Saturday's game against the Running Rebels.

On Josh Rosen's need for improvement:

I'm just thinking about UNLV.  He came out and did a good job, made some good throws. The OLine did a good job in protections. There was a lot of 5-6 man pressures. He gets the ball out of his hand quickly, which is nice.

On the freshman running backs:

That was pretty fun., I was glad to see those guys get in and get some snaps. At one point we had 4-5 true freshman in the game at the same time. It was nice seeing that. They've all worked hard.  So it was nice seeing them get a chance.

On if defenses will still stack the box:

Is that a trick question? I don't know. Defensive coordinators do what they do like we do what we do. They either crank up the pressures more and back off on it.  We take it as it comes and then take the next one.

On Chris Clark:

He did a nice job for us out there.  As soon as they do it that first time, they have a base that knows what to work on.

On Nate Iese:

I didn't realize he was in the game plan now.  But he did a helluva job.  Nate is one of my favorites. He has a lot of different spots he can play.  He's a talented young man. In this offense, we had 11 guys catch the ball. A lot of guys got to play. He'll get his share.

On game planning for UNLV:

Their defensive coordinator came from Colorado so there is some carryover there. Watching them on film, Tony has them playing hard. They're a well-coached bunch.  It will be interesting to see how they decide, because we have the one film, but if they stay in that one mode or adjust things for us. I just call plays.

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