VIDEO: Tom Bradley on Preparing for UNLV

Sep. 10 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about the challenges of preparing for an unknown offense...

UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about preparing for UNLV, which has a new head coach and new offensive coordinator, without much film to go on.

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On what he's seeing from UNLV's offense:

It's hard to get a feel since its the first game. Everyone adds from game one to game two. You do a little homework of where the coaches have been in the past, to get an MO of what they're doing, but you have to guess a little bit.  You don't want to chase ghosts and have your team chasing something.

On Barney Cotton, UNLV's offensive coordinator:

He did a great job at Nebraska all those years, I've seen them in action.

On knowing what Tony Sanchez did at Bishop Gorman:

We sure did. We looked back at some of the things he did at Bishop Gorman. Some things that they might do.

On Myles Jack at inside linebacker:

I think Myles played really well, a lot of intensity.  He had two penalties, we can't have because they kept drives going, but we'll work on that, and pad level.

On Kenny Orjioke:

I wasn't really surprised because once we got out of camp he got some time off and you could see the difference in his play.  He's much more confident in knowing what he could do.

On the backup defensive lineman:

We tried to get a lot of them in there because we know you're not going to make it through the season unscathed. You have to build depth by playing guys. Statistics are for losers. We're trying to build a team and depth. The only stats that matter is win the game. It's only going to help us in situations like this. It helps us build depth, and not just the depth chart.

On the defensive backs:

I though they did well. They did a great job adjusting to things and going to their rules.  They adjusted very smoothly. That's a tribute to them.  They didn't panic. Everyone communicated very well.

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