VIDEO: Jim Mora on UNLV Matchup

Sep. 10 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora talks about preparing for a team without much film to go on...

UCLA head coach Jim Mora talked about Chris Clark's development, how the team has prepared for UNLV's schemes, and what he'd like to see out of the defensive tackle position this week.

Opening statement:

It has been a good week so far.  We've got practice tomorrow morning and then we head to Las Vegas. We're excited about the challenge, guys are focused and locked in and we're trying to get better, so I'm excited about where we're at.

On where he wants to see improvement:

Really all areas. I'd like to see our sideline operations get better. Our communication get better. More effective in all areas. Eliminate penalties, tackle better, better leverage, better gap control, improving our technique and efficiency in all we do. There is no one specific, there are a bunch of variables.

On Chris Clark:

He missed a good bit of time and its hard when you miss time but he got some plays on Saturday.

On Eli Ankou and Matt Dickerson:

I want Eli to play defensive tackle well and I want to see them do a really nice job of holding blocks, getting off blocks when they're supposed to.  Not popping blocks, freeing up our linebackers.  When the situation arises, getting to the quarterback.

On learning about UNLV from just one game:

It's hard. You learn about them by looking at what those coaches have done at places in the past. You look at some high school film.  Its hard.  You just have to be prepared for unscouted looks so you have to pay attention to your rules, make adjustment in the game and apply them as you go in.

On how the defense did against Virginia:

Tremendous poise, tremendous communication, never confused. Our inside linebackers did a tremendous job handling the communication and getting guys lined up. We thought they'd settle down but they didn't but we handled it well.

On watching Bishop Gorman stuff:

Every coach has a personality and philosophy and you look at where the rest of the coaches come and fit their personalities. At the end of the day, its about going out and executing and playing hard. That's what it comes down to.

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