Senior center Jake Brendel talks about the UCLA offensive line's performance against Virginia...

Sep. 11 -- Senior center Jake Brendel talks about the UCLA offensive line's performance against Virginia...

Jake Brendel talks about the offensive line's performance against Virginia and how he thought the group did without Adrian Klemm.

On the offensive line without Adrian Klemm:

Klemm could still see the film and meet with us after, so it wasn't like I was the sole O-Line coach. I always go over the game at least 2-3 times to fix all the problems. For our first game together, it was a pretty good one.

On what they want to improve on:

Certain things, like technique things, in the pass pro, we might have turned our shoulders a bit, so just correcting those and I think everything else will fall in to place.

On Kennedy Polamalu with the offensive line:

He's good, good. He's this amazing amount of pure information.  He's been in the game since forever and its great to have someone with the same mindset as Coach Klemm to come in at a time of need.

On their similarities:

Smash mouth football, run, hit, run until you can't hit anymore.

On Josh Rosen's sack being erased:

That was never a sack to begin with. Its always great to have an empty sack game, a zero sack game.  It's good.

On the different styles from the running backs:

They're all just amazing backs, that's the one thing we've been able to get in our classes the last couple years.  Soso is a taller guy while Bolu is more of a stocky guy and a power back. They're all excelling in this offense.

On having a pocket quarterback:

It's kind of nice to have a guy who's not going to run immediately. It makes our job harder but also easier to know he'll be behind us and trust us completely.

On meeting with Josh Rosen:

I meet with the quarterbacks every single week and go in their room and talk about the o-line perspective and make sure we're all on the same page.

On Virginia focusing on Paul Perkins:

A little bit, they went in to the game making it a point to stop Paul.  Which is fine.  That to me is a credit to the run game and to our backs and to how powerful this offense is.

On if Rosen can keep defenses honest:

Our offense has weapons at every single position so we might have a wideout who's amazing, a very solid running back, a very solid offensive line. I don't feel they can stack one area over the other.

On Rosen's performance:

It was great. Everythign I wanted it to be. He needs to fix a few mistakes and focus on this week.

On the bad snap exchange:

It was a miscommunication.

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