VIDEO: UCLA's Jim Mora After UNLV

Sep. 12 -- UCLA coach Jim Mora talked after the UNLV win, and got a little testy when questioned about the choices toward the end of the game...

Opening Statement:

A good win. Any win is a good win, in my opinion. So, I was pleased with our defensive effort tonight. Certainly, for most of the game we pitched a shutout, had a lot of takeaways, a lot of three and outs, and pressured the quarterback and stopped the run. Offensively, we were just off a tad, and I think that’s to be expected when you’re breaking in a new quarterback. The impressive thing about our offense, and Josh (Rosen), in particular, is that in no time – even when it wasn’t going exactly right and he was missing throws by just a little bit – at any time did he show a lack of poise; not one bit. He was incredibly patient, cognizant of what was going on, never flustered; just like he always is and that’s a good sign. Unfortunately, at the end of the game there we saw Tevita (Halalilo), it looks like a significant ankle injury. Not exactly sure what it is, but it looks pretty significant. We took Jake Brendel out at halftime, more as precautionary. He got stepped on or landed on in practice Wednesday and his foot was sore, and that gave us a chance to get Kolten (Miller) in there and get him some plays; get Alex (Redmond) some plays at center. One of the great things about a game like tonight is getting players that typically don’t get a chance to play in a game in a game. Some of these young me come here with a dream of playing; walk-ons, down the depth chart. You’re trying to find an opportunity to let them live out their dream. We talk about that a lot with our starters about playing for these other guys to get Giovanni Gentosi in there, get Christian Garcia in there, get Brad Sochowski in there, get Daniel Fields in there playing offense, and to get Sean Burd in there, Jake Jones and (Thomas Scwab). That’s significant. That means a lot to us to get Dylan Luther in there. Those are young me that work as hard as anybody in our program and to be able to get them in a game and play some snaps is just awesome man. It’s really, really cool.

On Josh Rosen:

It wasn’t anything they did. He wasn’t out of sync. It’s going to happen. It’s part of the game. I told you to temper expectations. It ain’t going to be as pretty every week as it was last week. So, it’s just a great learning experience for him, and for us. You saw him learn as the game goes on, and you saw what you expected to see; this amazing poise. He was never flustered. He was never frustrated even when I was feeling frustrated. He was never feeling frustrated and that’s a great sign. It’s a sign of his maturity. 

On running plays in the final minutes:

I already answered that when I said that the young players got a chance to play. They bust their butts every single day. We learned a valuable lesson two years ago on September 8th, when Nick Pasquale died. And that is that everyone deserves a chance to play.  Nick's dream was to play in a UCLA football game.  And we got in a position where we could put some guys in who hadn't played a lot, and we got Nick in. And that is something his family will cherish forever. We didn't score, I didn't kick a field goal, we got those guys a chance to play.  I can't imagine you being critical of it.  I hope you're not being critical of it. If you are, you need to readjust your thinking.  You want us to take a knee? Or not run plays? Or get penalized?

On Fred Ulu-Perry:

He did some good things. Got a little high at times. He's physical and strong and he'll do a nice job for us. We'll play him on both sides of the ball and swing him a little bit.

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