UCLA DE Takkarist McKinley talks about his blocked punt, forced interception, and BYU's rep for dirty play...

Sept. 14 -- UCLA DE Takkarist McKinley talks about his blocked punt, forced interception, and BYU's rep for dirty play...

Takkarist McKinley had a huge game against UNLV last week, recording a blocked punt and a forced interception on a near-sack. He talked about the UNLV game, and also responded to questions about BYU's rep for dirty play.

On his blocked punt:

Oh man, I was supposed to keep contain, but my get-off was fast, like track days so I took a chance and just went for it and it worked out perfect.

On forcing the interception to Kenny Young:

I thought I had the sack, but my shoe came off.  So I'm celebrating and hearing people yelling and screaming, and I thought they were screaming for me.  And they were like 'Yeah, Kenny, Yeah, Kenny,' and I'm like 'why not Yeah, Tak?'  I'm thinking, they're tripping.  Then I see the score team going out. I thought it was like a forced fumble touchdown. Turns out, the quarterback throws it last second and it was an interception. But we got points on it.  That's what mattered. I was so sure I had the sack. They didn't give me nothing. But like I said, as long as the team got points, that's what mattered.

On how he graded out:

My hand placement is getting a lot better. We have to get better every game.  Keep getting better.

On playing at his new weight:

It feels good. I'm able to compete with these big linemen. I'm able to play football. Last year, I was only out there in certain packages and now I'm an every down defensive end and showing what I can do.

On overall edge containment:

We have to make sure, with UNLV, both of their quarterbacks ran a lot, so we have to make sure we keep contain and have that be our main focus, and make sure we stay out without staying loose.

On what they've seen from BYU:

We'll come back later today and look at film. BYU is a pretty good team, 2-0, Top 20 team, it should be a good game and we'll get started on them today.

On the inside rush:

It was pretty good.  Certain third downs, Coach Angus would put Matt Dickerson in and he's pretty good at rushing. We only have two sacks through two games, but they come in bunches. We're not worried because we're winning. The sacks will come.

On the most snaps he played last year:

The Cal game, my first start, 40-50 snaps.  Even now, we have a lot of depth, me, Jacob, Aaron Wallace, even Matt some times.  There is not as much pressure as I thought on me.  When I'm tired, people can do the same job.

On keeping their composure:

We just have to play our game and not worry about what they do. Do us, play to our standards. We can't get involved with extras.

On the low-punch from BYU:

I saw it, but I'd never seen that before. There are a lot of dirty things out there, but I've never seen a guy get punched down there. We just leave it to the refs.  I saw it on Twitter, but it really didn't affect me at all.  I just let the referees handle it.

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