UCLA fullback Nate Iese talks about becoming a more featured part of the offense...

Sept. 14 -- UCLA fullback Nate Iese talks about becoming a more featured part of the offense...

Nate Iese has five catches through two games, and appears to be becoming one of Josh Rosen's favorite targets. He talked about becoming a more featured part of the offense with us this week.

On if he felt the UNLV defender bounce off him:

No. I wasn't expecting that.  You just have to compete.  

On if it was a popular play in the film room:

It was, but that's what you expect when you're 250 pounds on a corner in the flat.

On being featured more:

It feels great, just trying to maximize my opportunities. We're out there every day competing. I like the looks I've been getting. Coaches have seen me work.  Its fun to help contribute to the offense. I'm having fun.

On if he's being utilized more:

I think maybe I'm just being seen a lot more.  They watched film from last year and I didn't get as many looks. I'm just enjoying it. Hopefully my role continues to expand.

On if the departure of Chris Clark will help:

Who knows, when the coach puts me in, they put me in and I'll maximize it. I don't see it affecting my playing time.

On seeing smaller defenders matching up:

It's very exciting. Getting the ball alone is exciting. I have a competitive mentality and want to make plays.

On the difference between Josh Rosen and Brett Hundley:

It's not much different, I'm not really paying attention to who's throwing the ball.

On his blocking: 

It's improving and that's a credit to Coach KP.  Just knowing what you see from film room.

On the offense after Jake Brendel left:

I think we did well. It will be great to have our starting center back but I think we did great for the most part.  The younger running backs did great. It wasn't like he came out at a critical point.

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