More Details on Chris Clark Gone from UCLA

Sept. 14 -- We have more details about freshman tight end Chris Clark and his status with UCLA...

We have more details about the former #1 tight end in the nation for 2015, Chris Clark, and his status with UCLA.

After playing in the season-opener against Virginia, Clark didn't make the trip to Las Vegas for the game against UNLV last weekend.  He spent the weekend at his home in New Jersey.  A source indicated UCLA told him to think about what he wants to do.  

It was well-known that Clark was homesick and struggling to acclimate.  He then had mononucleosis and sat out the beginning of fall practice. 

The most recent bit of news is that Clark didn't show up to practice last week and a UCLA coach had to go get him in his dorm room.

Even though UCLA doesn't consider him currently part of the team, the door is slightly open for him to return at a later date. 

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