UCLA's Jim Mora After Tuesday's Practice

Sep. 15 -- Jim Mora talked on Tuesday about Josh Rosen, BYU, the Cougar quarterback, and more...

Opening statement:

It's a real good opportunity this week to play a very good football team in BYU and measure where we're at as a team at this point in the season.  We had a good practice this morning and handled the rain pretty well which is a good sign of a team with maturity.

On Ishmael Adams and Jake Brendel:

Nothing on Ishmael, Jake is doing good and he'll be ready for Saturday. He could have played on Saturday, but we just kept him out.  He needs some (reps), but he's so smart, he's been doing it so long. He'll get more work and be ready for Saturday. Mentally, he's sharp.

On Tanner Mangum:

He makes plays down the field and has those Johnny Manziel qualities. He forces you to cover him a long time, he gets out of the pocket and make plays downfield. We can't ever assume a play is older

On the age of Mangum despite being a true freshman:

When you look at their team, its interesting to look at their ages compared to our team. He has an extra maturity to him. Its like anybody, you worry about your job.

On Jayon Brown and Cameron Judge:

They both did well.  There are some things they have to do better.  They'll learn from it but it was really good for them and for a lot of our guys.  We got a lot of them a lot of time. Kolton Miller got out there a ton.

On watching UNLV fillm of Josh Rosen:

I'm like everyone else, got a little jaded by the first game and you expect it to look like that every week. When you look at the film, there are still some things. Handing the ball off when he's supposed to throw it.  I kind of like being greedy. He's the first guy who gets it when he doesn't get it right. What impresses is, obviously he has the skill, but when things aren't going right, he has tremendous poise and just keeps on playing. You don't usually see that out of a young guy.

On if the receivers struggled with separation:

Not really. They covered well.  You have to be able to throw in to tight windows. There were times he should have handed it off and threw it so that contributes to it.  But our receivers are big and fast and physical and they can separate.

On Rosen's keeper:

I was probably like everyone else and said 'get down.'  I liked that he kept it, he made the right decision, but typically, he slides. For some reason he didn't slide. I wanted him to slide, I didn't want him to take a hit.  Once he got the first down, I was like move the sticks and let someone else take the hit. If he can run and get out of bounds and not take a hit, that's fine.  He's a pretty darn good decision maker for a kid making his second start.  He's getting better all the time. Sometimes players come off the field and they don't really know what just happened.  Josh is always able to process it.  That's a real positive.

On if he worries about overload with Rosen:

I don't think so. He's gone through spring ball with classes.  We didn't have games.  He's tremendously intelligent and we have tremendous resources.  If anyone at his age can handle it, its Josh.

On if its an advantage to be on quarter system:

I think it is. They're on campus. They understand how it works. We can focus on football for a few weeks.  This week we went to the early schedule. We can transition them into school.  I think its an advantage, not having them in class so we can focus on football.

On Caleb Benenoch:

He did well, he was our player of the game for the whole team.  Just being unselfish, and going in to guard.  The plan wasn't to put him in but we wanted to get Kolton some plays so Caleb said 'I'll play guard.'  He was player of the game for the whole team.

On if UNLV did anything to rattle Rosen:

They brought a ton of pressure.  But we handled it very well.  We didn't have a sack.  We had that one bad call, which was my bad.  A bonehead call.  It was stupid.  So stupid.  So stupid.  I couldn't believe I said it.  One of the things I pride myself on is game management.  I won't make that mistake again.  But we handled the pressure well.  It was good to see.  There weren't things that confused him, but he didn't always make the right decision and his throws weren't like they were the week before. But I think its good for him to go through those things.  

On if his team won't get caught up in post-play extra curriculars:

Its something that I'm emphasizing and I started emphasizing it yesterday morning.  Being poised, being mature and being able to walk away. Keep it clean, play hard from snap to whistle. Not getting involved in things that may have affected us. Its been an emphasis all year.

On if Myles Jack gets a separate seminar:

He got a direct speaking to.  We're a passionate team, he's a passionate player. He's targeted a lot. He's learned how to react a lot better.  He's moving in the right direction. Its a hard thing.  You don't want to temper a guys passion for the game but at the same time make sure he's not doing something to hurt the team. Its a fine line to walk. 

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