UCLA's Angus McClure on Changes to the Defensive Line

Sep. 15 -- Defensive line coach Angus McClure talked Tuesday about the changes in the defensive line personnel with the loss of Eddie Vanderdoes...


It's our first day of installation for BYU.  The guys did a good job of picking it up and making adjustments. The effort was great today, we're really happy.

On the defensive line without Eddie Vanderdoes:

Eli did a great job, he was one of the top players on the defensive line.  He showed great maturity and played like a veteran.  Over the years, Eli has played a lot and the experience has really showed.  Matt Dickerson came in and gave us a pass rush.  And boy, he's a great pass rusher. He had a sack, so hopefully the statistic guys will get that fixed, but when you're the visiting team, you don't control that. He had a great game also.

On Takk McKinley:

Takk continues to improve, his technique continues to get better and he's using his hands as a weapon.  You saw that, he had some outstanding pass rushes and was outstanding against the run and we certainly remember the blocked punt.  He is a natural athlete out there, I wish as a coach I could take credit for that.

On Fred Ulu-Perry:

Fred did an outstanding job for only having three days of practice as a defensive linemen.  His assignments were good.  At times, he played a little high, which is expected, but he has good natural instincts.  He can take on double teams.  Its promising for Fred as a defensive lineman.

On convincing the coaches to switch Ulu-Perry:

Well, I'm always recruiting, that's what I do.  And I always have a plan B.  Anytime a recruiting thing goes, if you don't get A guys, you get B guys.  

On if Ulu-Perry will stick on defense:

I think so, but he's one of those guys if needed on offense, he can do that. He has that ability and that athleticism and he's certainly a smart player.  He understands the schemes.

On if Klemm tried to stop him:

Of course.  Coach Klemm didn't want to lose a great player, and he did, but he's a team guy and he wants to help the team.

On if Ulu-Perry could go both ways:

Its a possibility.

On Eli Ankou's development:

Eli has come a long way.  He came his first year, redshirted. He really found the weight room to his liking and excelled in the weight room. His fundamentals developed over the years and he uses his technique for football. He's an extremely hard worker, extremely bright. Its great to see someone in his first start perform like he has.

On if Ankou is still learning American football:

Well, I think football is football, whether you're playing Canadian style or American. Its very similar. The line of scrimmage is a little different. I think the biggest adjustment is the schematics and the different offenses we see.  The competition level is higher.  Eli has done an outstanding job adapting and its fun to watch.

On if that will contribute to less double teams for Kenny Clark:

Both of those guys are always going to be double-teamed. Most teams are going to double the front. In your gap schemes, your man schemes, at times they'll get single blocks, but the majority of the time, those guys are getting doubled.


BYU is coached extremely well.  Their O-Line coach, I've known for 20 years. They're a big physical group and we'll have to use great technique to combat it.  They're a well-coached group, a physical group, it will be a good challenge for us.  

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