UCLA's Jordan Payton on BYU

Sep. 17 -- UCLA receiver Jordan Payton talked about facing BYU and some qualities of Josh Rosen that have stood out...

Jordan Payton talked to us after practice this week. 

On what they've seen from BYU:

We've watched a lot. We started yesterday.  They're very physical and known for. Oaks Christian sent a lot of guys to BYU. They get after it over there. They play tough football and hard nosed football. Its a new opponent for us. We never get to play a BYU, so I'm excited to see them in the Rose Bowl.

On being ready for close games:

The only way we can judge that is by the past and close games and how we handled that.  Battling through a lot of adversity. Coach Mora puts us through that in practice and I think we'll be ready. We know it will be a tough and hard fought game.

On transitioning from UNLV to BYU:

You have to stay with who you are. Believe in whatever philosophy you believe in for yourself. Mine is to catch the ball, get first downs, break tackles and score. That's my MO. I go into every game with that same philosophy.  You just prepare.  You come out here and prepare the same for UNLV as you do BYU. 

On Josh Rosen against UNLV:

He's fine.  He's a stud.  A fantastic player and person. He knows when he makes mistakes.  Its tough for a lot of people.  He's right back to work today.  He came back to work ready to get after it. You're gonna play subpar at times.  We're just ready to get after it.  We're excited.

On Rosen's leadership:

Its fantastic. He just turned 18 a couple months ago. I haven't seen an 18-year old take on leadership like that.  

On what Rosen does to show leadership:

He throws touchdowns. He's a fantastic person.  Sits in the front.  Comes to meetings prepared.  He has a lot of input in calls going out there.  He's more than a puppet.  He and Coach Mazzone have a great relationship where they feed off each other. Its great to see a young kid who works that hard at football.  

On if older players manifests on the field:

I'm not so sure.  I don't even think about it and haven't even thought about it. I know guys go on missions. You definitely come in with a more mature mindset, but to me, they're just players at the end of the day. I don't care your age or where you're from. You line up in your uniform, I line up in mine.

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