VIDEO: Noel Mazzone on Preparing for BYU

Sept. 16 -- UCLA OC Noel Mazzone talks about preparing for a physical BYU defense...

UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone on Wednesday:

On BYU's defense:

Good defense, physical, big, athletic. Their front seven is salty. They've got experience, a safety who's a really good player. This is a real good defense we're getting ready to play. It will be fun to see how we react.

On playing a physical front:

We've had issues playing those kinds of fronts so this is a good barometer to see where we're at.

On if there is an attempt by BYU to let teams know they're physical:

It has been a long time since I played BYU, but having not gone against them, everything is on film.  As far as the swagger, I don't know.  What you see on film is physical and well coached.

On preparing for them:

Be physical.  It always comes down to a couple things- one, you have to be able to run the football, but don't tell Mike Leach I said that.  You have to be able to run the football and you have to be able to stp the run.  We're alright running the football and not bad when we have to run it.

On if its the most ready the offensive line is:

Yeah, because now we have maturity and experience there instead of young guys. They've played together.

On Paul Perkins getting stronger as the season wears on:

Paul is the same guy every day. I don't know if its defenses wearing down.  We play the same plays the defense does.  Its just Paul.  He's that little brother who's always hanging on your leg.  Making your work hard.

On Rosen's running:

You see Coach Mora? He was like 'get down, get down.'  I don't know how much he's pulled it and run out.  Now we called those plays with Brett, but that was his strength. Josh is still running UCLA's offense, and he's making more throws where Brett was more comfortable running.

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