VIDEO: Tom Bradley on BYU's Offense

Sept. 16 -- UCLA DC Tom Bradley talks about preparing for the big play passing game of BYU...

UCLA DC Tom Bradley on Wednesday:

On Tanner Mangum:

One of the great things he does is he has a great arm, can run the ball, extend plays, does a great job of finding his receivers. He's extremely accurate and impressive to watch on film.  

On keeping contain on him:

This week, lanes just aren't for cars, so we have to keep him where we want him.  The strength of his arm and the confidence he has in his receivers.

On the difference between he and Taysom Hill:

We've watched both of their films and its hard to say how much they shifted away in one game.  

On his impression of the interior defensive line:

I thought we did a good job with new guys playing inside. We rotated people in, we had a young freshman playing inside for the first time.  

On Eli Ankou:

Eli is a strong point of attack guy. He's one of the strongest guys and gives us great leverage there. It was his first start. He'll get better.

On defending deeper passes in prep for BYU:

Coach Martin does a great job in the individual work.  We see deep balls against our own offense, we just dont have any 6-5, 6-6 receivers. We have to figure out a way to do it and make it look like they do it.  If we had those 6-6 guys, they'd be playing.

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