Myles Bryant Sorting Out Visits to UW, UCLA

Sep. 18 -- The dimunitive but standout defensive back, Myles Bryant, says he has three schools he knows he wants to visit officially...

This story was originally published on the Scout Washington site,

Myles Bryant,  the 5-8, 170 pound prospect from Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola, knows he wants to officially visit Washington, Colorado and UCLA.

"I really want to get up and see those schools up close again," Bryant said. "I've already been up to Washington and I loved it there and UCLA is really close, so I have been there before and seen what they have to offer and I really like it there too."

He talked a little more in-depth about the Huskies. 

"I talk to the (Washington) coaches pretty regularly,"  Bryant told "They keep in pretty close contact with me. I think I spoke to them last week or maybe two weeks ago and they were just checking up on me and talking to me about my season and how things are going for them up there. I feel really comfortable with the coaches there and I liked it when I visited up there during the summer."

But Bryant says he hasn't put that much time into recruiting as of late. 

"I haven't gotten too serious yet on when I want to set up my visits," Bryant said. "But I know I need to start thinking about it a little more seriously. I'll work on setting those up here in the next few weeks, so we'll see what happens."

Bryant has nine tackles in three games for Loyola (3-0) so far this season and they will take on Salesian this Friday in their last out of conference game.

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