VIDEO: UCLA Coach Jim Mora on Thursday

Sept. 17 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora talks about BYU's big, physical receivers on Thursday...

Jim Mora talks on Thursday:

On going against BYU's big receivers:

If you get your hands on them early and disrupt them, it helps. We play against good sized receivers here. They can't grow, there are no magic beans, so we just try to disrupt them.

On similiarities to Stanford:

They run a completely different kind of offense than Stanford so none really.

On what improvements he'd like to see:

Defensively, our pressure on the quarterback has been good but I'd like to see us finish with sacks. Our run defense has been very good although we've given up some explosive plays I'd like to eliminate.  Offensively, I'd like to see us finish in the end zone rather than kicking field goals. Our red zone scoring efficiency has been good, our redzone touchdown efficiency needs to improve.  On special teams, I'd like to see our punt return game improve a little, althought it will be difficult this week with their style of punter. And be penalty free as much as we can and I think we've made improvements there and keep can keep improving.

On if BYU's offense has changed with Taysom Hill out:

Not really, this guy is mobile as well. They're not going to change what they do. They'll try to get him outside the pocket and get him throwing the ball downfield, that's where he's been very effective.

On how Jake Brendel has looked this week:


On Octavius Spencer:

He's played well and gotten a lot of play time.  He's played on special teams, he's played on defense, he's a bright young player and I think he's got a special future.

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