VIDEO: Tom Bradley after BYU Win

Sept. 19 -- Tom Bradley talks about the defensive effort and the cushion that UCLA's defensive backs played with toward the end of the game...

Tom Bradley after BYU:

Opening statement:

We had three dumb penalties today that you just can't have. We were lucky to come out of it and give the offense credit, they punched it in and we were able to hang on there at the end.

On penalties:

Coach Mora harps about it in practice, every day we're on them about it. Hopefully again, its another learning experience on tape we can talk about it.

On the cushion the DB's gave:

We had some new guys back there and a couple, we had some communication problems with the calls.  Some guys working with new people. Once again, that's going to happen. That's something you have to work through.

On Randall Goforth at cornerback:

He looked good. He did a good job out there.

On getting to the quarterback:

We had a good idea of what the protection scheme would be. We have to be disciplined against him, when you watch his big plays, he scrambles out of the pocket and throws the ball down field. The last call, i thought, 'is he going to do this three times?'  One for the good guys.

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