VIDEO: Josh Rosen after Beating BYU

Sept. 19 -- Josh Rosen talks about his first pretty rough performance in the win over BYU on Saturday night...

Josh Rosen:

On the win:

To start off, its a team sport.  I obviously didn't play very well but its very comforting when you have Paul and an offensive line you can rely on. 

On the crunch time situation:

It was more fun after we scored. I wasn't thinking too much in the moment.  I think I threw once, we were relying on the running backs. It wasn't my day.  I came out happier because I know I have that to rely on.  I played probably the worst game of my career and we still beat a top 20 team in the country. Our defense is amazing and our o-line blocker their butts off. The tree doesn't fall over in one swing, you have to keep chopping away. I think the BYU defense was gassed. 

On dealing with a bad game:

I'd love to tell you. You get frustrated and have to keep rolling. I'm just so happy for our team.  In the locker room, Coach Mora said don't even think about it.  He was yelling out, we have 120 guys ready to back me up and it made really feel good about these guys.  We were ready to roll.

On his confidence in the last drive:

My confidence was in my team. I got the ball to my playmakers.  We put it on Paul and Nate and they csme up big. Jake, Alex, Connor, Kenny and Caleb were rolling. We chopped that tree down and I think their legs were quivering a bit.

On if he expected a game like this:

I came to win a football game.

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