VIDEO: Noel Mazzone after BYU Win

Sept. 19 -- Noel Mazzone talks about the running backs and Josh Rosen...

Noel Mazzone:

On the offense:

They were pretty stout on defense.  They did a nice job making us put the ball in Josh's hands

On the importance of a game like that for Josh Rosen:

I think as a player, you remember your team, you've got to make plays.  Some days where you have to manage the game.  The second half was a great example, he did a great job of managing the offense.  

On if Rosen got down at all:

Yeah, it's going to affect anybody, any quarterback. We came in at halftime, and the other guys were like 'we're all in this together.' Second half I was really proud of him. First half, I wanted to strangle him, but second half I was proud of him.

On what makes him special:

From what you saw and what you've seen the past three weeks. When he has his moments, he still makes key throws and key decisions, which you don't see in the stat line, pulling the ball, handing it off. He was pretty much spot on the last 2-3 drives.

On what he noticed:

He kept throwing to the wrong jersey. I'll have to look at the film. They're a good defense. I thought at the beginning it was hard. We're a rhythm offense, when we don't get things going, we're searching a bit. The second half, our kids did a nice job of keeping us on the field that helped us call plays.

On if he expected a game like this from Rosen:

I knew it was but I was kind of hoping for it to be like in three years from now.  For a freshman, every quarterback goes through it. Peyton Manning.  He's really special. He's able to play the next play and move on.  Even if it was going bad for awhile. I saw that tonight, which was really cool.

On Paul Perkins:

I've had a chance to coach some good ones like Ronnie Brown and Deuce McAllister and Cadillac Williams and I wouldn't trade Paul for any of them. It was cool the rest of the offense saw what was going on and said to Josh, we got your back, so Paul and the offensive line stepped up.

On if Perkins is being overlooked:

The guy led the (conference) in rushing last year and rushed for 220 tonight against a team giving up 95 yards a game. I don't overlook him but I don't know why everyone else does.

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