Myles Jack on Game-Winning Interception

Sept. 20 -- Myles Jack talks about the game-winning interception, losing Kenny Young to ejection, and more...

Myles Jack:

On the last play: 

We had to keep him in the pocket and tried to force him.

On Josh Rosen: 

He had a tough one. He three three picks but I saw a lot of progress.  He drove us down. I'm backing him. I love him.  He's going to be fine.

On making mistakes when young: 

Its tough. BYU is a tough team. He's going to make mistakes. They're a great team. For him to be a young guy, you have to shake it off.  Shake it off and move on.

On when he realized he could pick Mangum off: 

The defense we were running, they kept running those outs. It was fourth down, I just kind of jumped it.  I'm not supposed to be outside, but I knew it was a deep out to 87 and he slipped and the quarterback still threw it, and threw it right to me.

On the pick: 

It was a cool one. It was more a relief.  Like a 'thank you, I can sit down.'  I could go home. BYU did it two weeks in a row, and when they came out, I wanted to break that spell. They're a talented team and Mangum is a talented quarterback. To take that and end the game, that was big.

On BYU getting another chance late: 

BYU, you've seen it, he'll wing it and the dude will be wide open. It wasn't going to be my guy catching it. We stuck to what Coach Bradley said.

On Kenny Young's ejection: 

I didn't agree with it.  But it's their time to shine, that's what they do. I don't agree with it at all.  Isaac played, Isaac balled. He's been on Kenny's heels.  He's been ready to go and played against Stanford and in big games. He played and did his thing.  But I don't agree with it.

On winning these games: 

We're a mature team and have grown a lot.  Even with a freshman quarterback, we have guys around him. We're battle tested. Every year, San Bernardino, which we don't like, it helps us and I thank him for that.

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