Jim Mora's Sunday Teleconference

Sept. 20 -- Jim Mora talked more about the BYU win in the Sunday call with the media...

Coming out of a game like that, what's going to do for you guys going forward into conference play, having this experience?

Well, I think it's going...did you guys know that that's the first time in 51 games that UCLA has been down double digits in the 4th quarter and won the game? Somebody from ESPN sent that to me this morning and I would never have known that. I think that it builds a deep sense of confidence in your team that if they hang together, keep believing, keep fighting, stick to our core principles, believe in each other. That we have the capability to get it done regardless of circumstances. And, as I said last night after the game, we had to overcome quite a bit. No. 1,  a really good BYU team. That's a good football team. They're big and they're physical. They play hard, and they're tough, and they've very talented. We lost a couple of players on defense that are key to us in Kenny Young and then Fabian and Takk was in and out of there. So we had to overcome that. Obviously, the four turnovers, and I'm considering the onside kick a turnover since they really stole a possession from us there. So in my mind, I don't think it shows up as a turnover, but in my mind that's a turnover. And I think our defense did a heck of a job in those sudden change situations. And then being behind. We kind of hung in there. I think we learned a lot from it. I know everyone wants huge blowouts, but I think there's something to be gained from winning a game like that. Now, if you lose it, it's a completely different story, but if you win it, I think you can really grow from it.

How did the team kind of react in that aftermath of that, just in the lockerrom and in the 24 hours since?

Well I haven't seen them since the locker room, but in the locker room they were excited. They're excited after most wins and they should be. They put a lot of work in to this thing. It's hard to win a game. It doesn't matter who you're playing. It's so competitive out there. Guys are fighting really hard to get their work done. So they were excited. But there still was a sense of calm, which I felt at halftime. Just no panic at all. Just a great belief that we were going to be able to get it done regardless of what was happening. I don't think there was anywhere where that was more reflective than in the play of our offensive line. Those guys were spectacular, absolutely amazing job last night. No sacks, 296 yards rushing. Tremendous, tremendous job by those five guys.

Was there an effect of Adrian Klemm being back on how well those guys did?

Well I don't know. I think that when your coach is there it helps you, but I think that this is a mature group that knows how to play the game and has a lot of confidence in themselves and each other and our scheme. But any time your coach is there it's going to help you because he's going to see some things on the sideline that he can point out that can maybe help you adjust to things you weren't expecting. But I think the credit needs to go to those guys and the way that they've prepared. Confidence that they've had, and the belief in each other. And just kind of shouldering the load of our offense with a young quarterback, just saying, if you need to run it, let's go. We'll protect you when it's time to pass, but we'll also bear down and run it. It was fun to see those guys perform like they have three weeks in a row without a sack. We've just got to continue to do that.

Did Nate earn himself a bigger share of the carries just with the way he ran late last night?

Well, we always want to get Nate involved. We really think he's a great football player. I'd say he's a really good complement to Paul. But I wouldn't say he's earned himself more carries because we're always looking to get him carries. I think we all knew he was very very capable of doing what he did there in the 4th quarter. I think that's why we had confidence in putting him in the game there like we did.

How did Devin's punt return change the dynamic of the game at that point?

I think a couple of things. No. 1 it gave us energy. We needed us some energy. It flipped the field and gave us good field position. It gave us momentum when we needed some momentum. And then getting down there and being able to punch it in was huge. We needed a play. We needed a big play. And those guys provided it, you know, the blocking and then the execution, the running by Devin.

How's Fabian?

I have not gotten a report on Fabian yet, but he went back in for that last series as everyone saw, and gutted it up and played. I think he'll be OK, but I really don't know yet.

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