VIDEO: Paul Perkins on Big Game Against BYU

Sept. 21 -- Paul Perkins talks about the big performance against BYU and the play of the offensive line...

Paul Perkins:

On what they expect from Arizona:

A similar game to BYU. A tough defense, very athletic, big and they can run.

On Scooby Wright:

He's a sure tackler and the leader of the defense. If he's out there, it will be fun to play against him. 

On how his role has evolved:

I feel like we'll lean on the running backs more now that we have a freshman quarterback under center. I feel like all of our roles are going to expand 

On the physical toll:

Just shaking the nerves out before a big game, a Top 25 team.

On the scheme changing with Rosen:

We still have the same reads. Its reassuring to know that I can carry a load on my back.

On if they get up for Pac-12 games:

Its the same mindset every game.

On 26 carries:

I feel pretty good right now.  The body feels good. I was hungry more than anything, that was a long game.  We had Chick Fil A. I needed one more sandwich.

On winning how they did:

We definitely have matured and come a long way and gelled a little bit.

On Rosen's demeanor on the final drive:

He shows a lot of maturity for a freshman. I think its his most impressive trait as a freshman.

On if he feels more explosive:

I feel heavy.  But we work on it every day in practice.

On Nate Starks:

He's a different back with fresh legs. He sees holes I don't see.  He's an extension of me.  He can make the same runs, the same blocks, one of the best running backs in the nation. Competition brings out the best in everybody.  We have great running backs, Soso, Bolu, Rosy and Craig.

On his leadership:

I'm the oldest one besides Roosevelt Davis.

On what he does to lead:

Go over film with younger guys.

On who gives him his vision:

My mom.  Mom gave me the vision.  The legs from my mom.  My mom is my biggest critic 'why didn't you hit the hole, why did you get tackled?' She doesn't like me running up the middle.  She should be the OC.

On Soso Jamabo:

His game is going to come, he has all the confidence, he just needs to break that one run.

On Rosen's struggles:

Everyone is going to have an off day and a bad game. It happened to be his.

On any significance in returning to Arizona:

Not at all.  I have a lot of family coming, but its just another game.

On the Arizona heat:

We went to San Bernardino. We can handle a lot of things.  The heat won't bother us. 

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