VIDEO: Devin Fuller on Big Return

Sept. 22 -- Devin Fuller talks about his big punt return against BYU and how the receivers are adjusting to Josh Rosen...

Devin Fuller:

On what they need to do:

We have some corrections to make and get ready for Arizona this week. As a receiver, we were sloppy in our routes.  That led to some errant throws. As a whole, we have to be relentless.  We have to keep building that.

On his punt returns:

The blockers were great. A lot of it was on them.  Making guys miss and then blockers did their job.

On Paul Perkins:

In my opinion, he’s the most valuable player on the team. He’s the unsung leader of the offense. You know what you’re going to get from Paul every game. Consistent runs, hard runs.  He’s going to get your offense in field position.

On his development:

I feel like I can get better.

On catching passes from Josh Rosen:

Its the same, you’re catching passes at the end of the day. Josh will be a very good quarterback here just like Brett was.  Brett left his legacy here and now its Josh’s turn for a legacy.

On Rosen hanging in the pocket more than Hundley:

A lot of the time, when Brett ran, we’d turn into blockers.  Brett would make plays with his legs a lot, Josh will make it with his throws.

On if that’s an adjustment:

Its all a learning process. We try to learn every week. Josh is learning the corrections he needs to make.

On Rosen’s reaction to picks:

He doesn’t react too much, that’s why he does pretty well and why we’re 3-0.  We were telling him throughout the game, the mistakes we made were as a team.

On the defensive pressure:

Virginia brought the pressure, but BYU didn’t as much. Teams pressured us different with Brett. 

On Arizona:

I expect a hard fought battle. They’re the defending Pac-12 South Champions and we’re trying for that.  Every game is equally as important.

On Scooby Wright:

I haven’t really looked at him.

On what they took away from the game:

I think its confidence, a hard fought win like that over BYU.  Its a team builder and what I took from the game.

On waiting to see how Rosen would respond:

I think the outside world was, but those of us on offense and defense, we didn’t worry.

On if they expected a game like that from Rosen:

I wouldn’t say I would expect that.  He’s a true freshman. In the season, we’re not going to always win by 29.  Its good to have those games early because you can dwell back on them later in the season.

On their goals as a team:

Obviously we want to win a national championship and we work towards that goal every week.  Every game is the most important game that week. Arizona is the most important game this week.

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