VIDEO: Nate Starks on Final Drive

Sept. 22 -- Nate Starks talks about his big runs on UCLA's final scoring drive against BYU...

Nate Starks:

On how many times he watched the final drive:

All night. I stayed up all night.   

On if it was a turning point in his career:

I was definitely excited to get out there and make some plays and beat a good BYU team. It was a very good night for us, coming out with the win. 

On his mindset the last drive:

I knew we had to get a score.  It worked out in our favor. We got into the end zone. 

On the offensive line:

You can’t make anything happen without them.   

On the improvement of the OL:

A lot more.  The chemistry is built between the line and the running backs. We play for each other. We’re a lot more close as a group. We’re playing for each other.

On if he feels more explosive:

Definitely. That is all Coach Alosi’s offseason training.   

On Paul Perkins off the field:

He’s just a good guy.  Off the field, he doesn’t really talk a lot about football. When he gets out on the field, he talks business. I want to be more like him every day.

On Perkins evolvement:

He’s just more of a pro. His practice, his work ethic, he comes out with the same mindset every day. He’s practicing like a pro.

On if they look up to Perkins:

Me, Soso, Bolu, we want to follow in his footsteps. He’s leading us right now. When he’s out of here, we have to be ready. 

On what the win meant:

It shows we can play in any kind of circumstance.  We never have doubt out there.  If we play our style of football, we’re ok. 

On if that gives them confidence:

Having the offensive line like we have, you can run like we did.

On if its the best he’s seen of Perkins:

Oh yeah. He shows us something new each time. Breaking off those long runs. He had a bunch of those. He ended up with 219 at the end.  Big numbers, running behind his blocks. Everything he was doing out there was big.

On his biggest critic:

My mom. She’s the first one I call after every game. She watches wherever she can.

On her scouting report from Saturday:

My mom was just excited about me getting in there and scoring. Her and my brother were excited.

On when he saw the hole on the touchdown:

I couldn’t explain it. I heard the whole crowd going crazy and saw my teammates running towards me. Its a feeling you can’t explain. To win a big game like that, its just crazy

On Josh Rosen:

Josh is a very mature quarterback. As young as he is, he’s not worried about mistakes, he’s about moving on to the next game and that’s Arizona.

On Rosen on the final drive:

The thing about him, he’s not afraid to go out there and lead us.  

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