VIDEO: Jim Mora on Tuesday

Sept. 22 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora talks about Fabian Moreau's season-ending injury, Ishmael Adams' return, and more...

Opening statement:

An update on Ishmael Adams' situation. We've reinstated him. We said when this happened, we've evaluate the accumulated facts. The case was referred to the DA as a misedmeanor.  We feel as a program, he's missed a quarter of the season, shown remorse for the actions he's taken, he's accepted responsibility, he's accepted the consequences. He's apologized profusely to his teammates, the team, the staff. We're going to move forward that way.  If things change, we'll adjust.  That he has served quite a significant portion of the season, we're going to reinstate him, now that we've found out what the DA is doing.  We were consistent with that and we feel confident about that decision.  We had a good practice this morning in preparation for Arizona.  It will be a heck of a game, they're a tremendous team. They put up 77 points last week. We know how expolsive they are on offense.  I'm not sure of the status of Scooby Wright, but certain if he's back, it makes them even more formidable on defense. Great football player with great football players. It will be an emotional game and we're going to get ourselves ready to go in there and play our best.

On how ready Adams is to play:

I think he's ready. I don't know that he can play a whole game. I don't think he'll have to play. He's always been a guy who's kept himself in shape. Football shape is different than running around the track, running a 40 or backpedaling. I know one thing, he's taken care of his body and he'll be ready to go.  

On if he'll play special teams:

We'll see.  We'll evaluate him through the week, with regards to returns.  We'll just have to see as we get closer to the game, where he is mentally and where he is physically.

On Fabian Moreau:

Fabian is out for the year.  Fabian has a Lisfranc injury and he's having surgery today.

On how you cope with that:

Well he's a three-year starting corner.  A great player in my opinion, an NFL corner, without a doubt. And that's coming out of the mouth of a guy who coached NFL corners for 20+ years. I feel pretty qualified to say that. It's a huge blow. A huge blow. You lose Eddie Vanderdoes and you lose Fabian Moreau, that's pretty significant. That's a part of this game, though, unfortunately.  As such, you have to take the mindset that, hey, the next guy has to step up.  Everyone has to chip in, an all hands on deck mindset. You'll never go through the season unscathed.  Its unfortunate for a guy like Fabian, or any player really, who suffers an injury because they worked so hard. Your first though is always for the player. And your second thought, as a coach, is how do we adjust. If you ever take the approach of "woe is me", then there are some issues.  

On if Stephen Johnson will move to corner:

No. Stephen Johnson is a slot receiver for us. I think that he's going to see more and more time. We really like him, he's an explosive athlete.  We're trying to work him more and more in to the offense.

On if there will be other personnel changes with Moreau out:

Potentially, we'll see as we go.

On if Moreau is eligible for a redshirt year:

He is.  It happened early in the third game so we'll apply for a redshirt, a medical redshirt.  Talking to him this morning, that's what he wants to do.

On Randall Goforth at corner:

He did fine, considering he really hasn't worked out there, but he knows this defense so well.  He's a tremendous competitor. He stepped in and did well. I don't know if we'll put him out there or not.  Obviously, we found out about Fabian last night and it shook us up a little bit.  You're scrambling a little bit. We thought there was some potential he could be out.  So we had plans.  I just didn't want them to be this permanent. 

On holding Arizona to their two lowest yardage games since RichRod has been there:

I didn't know that. That's an interesting fact. I think we just played well.  If I'm not mistaken, both were home games.  Probably we tackled well, you have to tackle well against a team like Arizona. They can make you miss. We generated pressure on the quarterback, he's a really good quarterback. It always just comes down to execution and fundamentals and playing hard

On if prepping against a tempo offense will help the defense:

We know how to play fast and get from snap to snap quickly. It won't be surprising, although Arizona can really crank it up and go. They don't give you a whole lot of formation. They have an understanding of what they're trying to accomplish on offense, so they move quickly.  The key when you play a tempo offense is finding a way to get off the field before they can string together a multiple play drive.  Getting stops, that is critical.

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