VIDEO: Dickerson on Filling in for Vanderdoes

Sept. 23 -- Matt Dickerson talks about filling in for Eddie Vanderdoes, playing some defensive end, and more...

Matt Dickerson:

On the defensive line since Eddie Vanderdoes' injury:

I think we've really stepped up, honestly. The whole D-Line as a group, you can see we rotated a lot. The 3-tech and the nose, we really stepped up as a group.

On playing both inside and outside:

We use the same technique that Coach Angus is teaching us. At the end, you have to be more agile and redirect more. I'm already comfortable playing against each position on the line.

On the BYU offensive line:

They were good. They had a good scheme, they're a top 25 team and they proved it to us.

On Arizona's offense similarities to UCLA:

The Pac-12, there are big old lineman, everyone about 6-0 and 300 pounds. They'll zone a lot. High tempo, you have to be ready at the point of attact.

On if it helps to prepare against that offense daily:

Our offense is perfect for it, big athletic guys so we're prepared for anyone we're up against.

On if playing BYU has slowed them a bit:

We practice how we play. Practice you can see, we work really hard. We're prepared for anything that comes at us.

On the excitement of a game of this magnitude:

We're going to do us, not listen to the hype or the media. We're on a national stage. We can't get caught up in that noise and focus on what we need to do to win that game.

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