VIDEO: Jake Brendel on O-Line Performance

Sept. 24 -- UCLA center Jake Brendel talks about the growth of the offensive line and the performance of Josh Rosen so far...

On if Josh Rosen had difficulty with BYU's defensive sets:

Its tough to see a look you haven't seen before. Not really knowing who was going to drop back. The only thing that was really solid for him was the DBs. Other than that, he couldn't see anyone else. There was a little hiccup but at the same time, he did a good job.

On if they had to more to help him:

Not really. We basically as an offensive line try to pass off what they're doing. As long as we're on the same level with him, there shouldn't be a problem.

On having Coach Klemm back:

It was nice, having a guy out there supposed to do his job, not anyone else's. Coach KP did an excellent job, but having our own OL coach back was imperative and beneficial.

On if teams will duplicate BYU:

Whatever works in the past contributes to the future, but then again, that's what practice is for.  We shouldn't have any issues in the future.

On Arizona's 3-3-5:

They're a straight up defense. They're not known for their slants or stunts, just their man on man defense. Just our man against theirs.

On how Arizona's defense is different without Scooby Wright:

Its just a number to us and just a position.  He's a great player for their defense, so we have to take that into account. But we have to play our game and worry about what we do and not personnel.

On any difference in Paul Perkins' running:

He got a lot stronger. Coach Alosi has done a good job with explosive strength and focusing on speed and straight up explosion. I'm noticing a difference in that area. He was great last year and great this year.  

On how the offensive line felt post-BYU:

The offensive line did a pretty good job. When you can run an entire series or drive, run the ball and score, that gives us something to be proud of.

On what it says about their line:

We've handled pressure pretty well when it comes to having the ball and we need to score. I don't think it was an issue to us or fazed us. Having that on our back, if anything, it propelled us to be better. We're starting to gel up front and understand what's going on. That performance was one of our best.  Fixing the issues that we have, being able to turn the small ones that turn a small gain into a touchdown.  Little things like that, you'll take a step forward.

On blocking better in space:

Coach Klemm brings a demeanor and mindset so having him on the sideline everytime we come off it, it helps us further.  Also, we've been gelling really well. We have to keep this going.

On Arizona's environment:

Its going to be loud. We know that. We as a team have played in loud environments and I bet Josh has too being where he's from. I feel like we're fine. If we need to go silent count, we'll go silent count.  We really don't see the issue.`

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