Deon Hollins On Defense Stepping Up

Sep. 24 -- Deon Hollins talks about the impact of losing Myles Jack, how the defense will need to step up, and facing Arizona's offense...

Deon Hollins talked to us at practice this week. 

On moving forward:

The big thing keeping in mind is everyone has a job to do.  You saw Kenny Young got out of the game, Isaac Savaaianea played an excellent game. Jayon Brown. The biggest thing to keep in mind is we’re a team and keep on pushing.

On who replaces him:

We’re trying different guys through practice. We’re trying to work things out. I think a lot of guys behind him, Tahaan Goodman.

On finding a nickel with Jack out:

Yes, absolutely, we switched him around this past week so different defensive backs will come in and try to take that spot. Its hard to replace what he can do.  It might have to be by committee.  

On getting Ishmael Adams back:

He might be kind of rusty, but he’s knocking some of that off.  That was definitely timely.

On his reaction to hearing the news:

I was distraught. He called me. I couldn’t believe it. I was distraught. He was in pretty bad spirits. I told him to stay strong, get your body right.

On teams scheming for him:

Its kind of tough, even with BYU, seeing a lot of 1on1, sliding protections, double teams. One of the big things to keep in mind, we have to do it as a team. Pressure opens it up for everyone else.

On what a nationally televised game means for the program:

Shows everyone what we have going on here. The Bruin Revolution. A lot of pundits don’t believe in us.

On the injuries snowballing presenting a mental challenge:

We’re losing a lot of All-Americans, NFL guys, but Coach Mora always says next man up, closed ranks. You have to take that on yourself and other guys step up.

On how you stick to that:

You can’t replace him, the things he does on the field. The change of mentality.  Its supposed to change, you focus on that.

On facing Arizona in the read option:

Scheme changes, things like that. I feel like we’re better coached and more confident in our schemes and responsibilities.  I trust Kenny Clark. I trust Kenny Young. They trust me.  Believing in in the man next to you.

On facing Arizona:

Absolutely, we saw it every day in practice. That is sort of what Pac-12 play is.

On what they did to Arizona last year:

We had a good bead on what they wanted to do.  A lot of their scheme tends to be set on their execution. As long as you line up to the ball, you’ll be ok.

On BYU contrasting Arizona in style:

I guess when a team throws a lot of looks at you, a lot of the plays come to you.  Only a set amount of plays.  You tend to play the run a little more.

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