Noel Mazzone On Arizona D and UCLA's O-Line

Sep. 25 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talked about facing Arizona's D, the performance of Josh Rosen and UCLA's offensive line, and more...

On Arizona’s defense without Scooby Wright:

He’s a great player.  National Player of the Year.  They’ve always done a great job. They held us to 17 points last year.  They run to the ball and their linebackers are fast. Its a great challenge for us. Every week is a great challenge for us.

On the BYU film:

We burned it right after.  Nah, its like anything, there is always the learning curves. Like my papa said, if you’re never in the valleys, you won’t enjoy your peaks as much.  For me, its on the job training and the best learning experience for him.  You can’t put a price on it.  Josh is the type of kid who every week sees something different.  He’ll learn from those experiences. 

On what it says about Rosen to be effective in second half:

He came out the second half and ran our offense for us. He had a hand in the fourth quarter and us moving the ball and scoring touchdowns.  But he’s been awesome. What I like about him is he’s a play the next play guy  He has no residuals floating around him.

On scheming with this year’s offensive line:

The O-line has been doing a great job and our running game, Paul and those guys, its a great compliment for Josh to have that ability to lean on our offensive line.  

On if they addressed the atmosphere in Arizona with Rosen:

No.  And here’s what we worry about- what we control.  And then what happens on the field with us.  The crowd, national TV, not national TV, we don’t control that. We’ll turn the music up a little more, but we don’t worry talk about that. 

On the loss of Myles Jack:

We practice hard and get ready for the game.  Whoever comes off the sideline will go for us.

On the 3-3-5 defense:

It makes you have some patience offensively.  They’ll drop eight, drop seven, three man rush, four man rush, you have to be a pretty high percentage completion team and run the ball. Might be a famine, famine, feast type.  I want our guys to be patient, get first downs.

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