VIDEO: Jim Mora With More on Jack's Injury

Sept. 24 -- Jim Mora talked on Thursday about the extent of Myles Jack's injury, the recovery time needed, and how they'll go about preparing for Arizona...

Jim Mora on Thursday:

Opening statement:

I think that our team is responding very well to some of the things happening this week. It doesn't surprise me at all. We've really worked hard of developing a mindset of mental toughness and I've seen that this week. So I'm encouraged by that and I know we'll go out and compete hard on Saturday night. I was pretty brief, but I can give you more clarity on Myles.  He tore his meniscus.  We were out here in 7v7 and he bumped knees with somebody and he wasn't able to straighten it.  When you can't you feel a piece of cartilage stuck.  The MRI showed that. They wouldn't know the significance until they took a look at it in real life. He hadn't eaten that day, so we were able to get him in that day for a 3p.m. surgery. BEcause it was cartilage and not ligament and he hadn't eaten, we were able to get him into surgery.  There were three options, you can snip the meniscus, get it out of the joint and relieve it. That was not a possibility. The other was letting it go, but not a possibility. The third is if its a significant tear, you stitch it. When I've been in the NFL, guys have hurt it on Sunday, surgery on Monday and played on Sunday. That wasn't an option. Its an anterior meniscus, not a ligament, but it is sifgnificant.  I think that this team is excited about this opportunity to go out and play in this game in a crazy environment. We've won 11 in a row away from the Rose Bowl and in hostile environments.  It comes down to running the football, pressuring the football, protecting the quarterback. Its going to be a great challenge. Offensively, they're fast as heck.  Solomon is a tremendous player and I have a great deal of respect for him. Defensively, they fly around, that's always been a staple, going back to Dick Tomey, and they may get Scooby back.  I can tell you this, we'll lay it out there and play our asses off and its going to be a helluva game to watch.

On if Myles Jack could be back for a bowl game:

Its a legitimate four-to-six month recovery.  If he were, that would be a bonus we're not really thinking of or counting on. That wouldn't be fair to him.  I hate to put time tables on injuries.  If a guy comes back early, you're accused of being misleading, and if it takes longer, you question their work ethic.  I'm certain he's out for the year.

On Myles Jack's future:

I've talked with Myles and his mom and its something we'll revisit in November. Its a distraction right now, its not on his mind.  I've talked with his mom, we've been friends for a long time, and she knows I'll give her the best advice, but that's not now.

On who they could see more of:

I think you look at last week and saw how Isaac played when Kenny was ejected.  The first three weeks, you've seen a lot of Jayon and a lot of Cameron, those guys have played now, its not like they're getting their first action.  It will adjust our coverage, because Myles was unique and could do a lot of things really well.  The timing of the Ishmael deal helps us. I think it will be fun to watch competitors, guys like Jayon, Cameron, Isaac, Kenny Young, Aaron Wallace's role may change. These guys are a special group of kids. I'm confident in their ability. There is no fear in them.

On the next man up philosophy:

Its interesting, you have to say that all the time, but is important to recognize the significance of those guys out.  In the NFL I'd say, there is a reason one guy was making six million. But you can't play the woe is me card.  What's great about these young men, if they had a woe is me attitude, they would not be at UCLA, they wouldn't have made it here. These are tough young men who've had to challenge themselves, and here they are, starting classes at one of the great universities in America, actually, the world.

On Arizona's atmosphere with Josh Rosen going on the road:

I don't know that you can prep them other than talk about focusing on what happens between the lines. We always try to go into any environment and ignore the crowd, unless we're at home in front of our crowd and try to suck it up and use it. What helps Josh is he has 10 guys around him on most plays that have played at Arizona, that have been in hostile environments, that know how to handle it, an offensive line in front of him that have played well. Josh has the type of personality to handle anything.  I feel like he's a young man that will adjust early. 

On what kind of problem Arizona presents:

Its a high powered offense with an active defense. What they do, they do it very well and very efficiently.  With the 3-3-5, they can muddy it up for you. Its going to be a fun time. Its really one of those things you love about football and competition, playing in that kind of atmosphere.

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