VIDEO: Jim Mora After Big Arizona Win

Sept. 26 -- Jim Mora talked after the Arizona game about the big win despite the poor defensive play against the run...

Video courtesy of Jeff Siegel

Opening statement:

Coming on the road and getting the win, we will take it any way we can get it. We talked all week about being able to respond to hostile environments. We thought our young guys responded well to the loss of a few key players. It doesn’t surprise me that they responded well, that’s what I expect out of them and I think that’s what they expect out of themselves. We relied on the strength of our team, and that right now it’s our offensive line with the way their playing. Other than that, just a good win on the road.

On 3rd down composure:

I think it was a sign from our offensive line. Picking up different types of stunts, pressures, and Josh (Rosen) hanging in there with his ability to move and scramble.

On the defense:

I like to stop the run. So I would say nothing. Nothing impressed me. It starts with me, then the assistant coaches, then the players. We all have to do a better job. For a team to be able to run the ball on us like that is inconceivable to me. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

On how the team responded to the media doubting them:

I don’t think it matters to us what people think about us. I think that the external expectations are there for you guys to talk about. We talk about our own expectations. We have our own standard and that’s how we try to play to regardless of who, where we’re playing, what the circumstances are and what people outside are saying.

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