VIDEO: Tom Bradley on Defensive Showing

Sept. 27 -- Tom Bradley talks about the issues in the run game and how Ishmael Adams did in his first game back...

Video courtesy of Jeff Siegel

Tom Bradley:

On what he liked about the defense:

We hung in there and played tough. We've got to tighten up the running game.  Way too many missed tackles.  We have to do a better job at that. We tried to keep the ball in front of us.  We have to do a much better job of tackling

On the linebackers without Myles Jack:

Myles hadn't played as much linebacker the last couple games. We have to make sure our run fits are more precise.

On Jerrad Randall:

We knew when he came in what to expect.  We didn't expect as big a dose of him. We were more geared to play Solomon.  He's a heck of a competitor. I do hope he's ok.

On compensating for personnel losses:

You make moves for packages, but its next man up. We have to get going and get moving. We made a lot of mistakes we can obviously correct.  We'll get better for having gone through that experience.

On Ishmael Adams:

I thought Ish played a good game.  There was some rustiness.  He's only been back at practice for really two days.  The other days, no sweat Thursday, it was really his first time getting in there.

On what he was pleased with:

I was pleased we hung in there together. We tried to emphasize getting three and outs. I dont want to overshadow the performance of some guys.  The foundation is tackling and if you dont tackle, it doesn't matter what defense you play. I tell them all the time, the wrong defense played by the right guys is still better than the right defense played by the wrong guys. You have to be fundamentally sound.  Also not anticipating the style we saw after Solomon got hurt.

On how the linebackers complement each other:

I want to be fair, because Kenny is playing a new position.  They are learning two positions.  So Kenny is doing some different things for us right now. There are certain things I don't feel I've done a good enough job with him.

On Randall Goforth at corner:

Randall had a little bit of issues and wanted to go out there and play corner and thought it was the best thing for this team. The touchdown pass, he'll even tell you, his eyes weren't right. But I give him credit.  He went right in and played corner. He took on the challenge.

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