VIDEO: Noel Mazzone on 56-Point Explosion

Sept. 27 -- Noel Mazzone talks about the big performance against Arizona and how Josh Rosen looked...

Video courtesy of Jeff Siegel

Noel Mazzone:

On the offensive explosion:

The kids did good. They did a nice job tonight. I thought Josh played, we had a little lapse where they did a nice job, but the first half, Josh played solid, the line, all the kids. It was cool they answered on the first drive. Without watching the film, I thought they did an alright job.

On the second half lapse:

We kind of came out and thought we'd be able to run the ball a bit, and that didn't work out. So all those awesome halftime adjustments, they all sucked. So we got back to it and got back to our temp stuff and Josh is real comfortable with that.

On if this was the kind of game he wanted from Rosen:

Yeah, I think his experience the first three weeks is the reason he could come out like this.  I actually think the last couple weeks he's starting to learn a little bit. The first game, it was one of those days everything fell right. The last two games, a lot different looks, real football teams. Those really helped him in today's game.

On the offensive line:

They're doing a nice job. I'm really excited about the backs too. You saw Soso, Bolu and Starks in there. But that first five, thats a group that has experience now. That's nice for Josh, when you're young at the spot, you can say lets just hand the ball off.

On Josh Rosen's running:

Unbelievable, he did that and then rushed for the touchdown.  That's not going to happen to him because he's not Brett Hundley.  Its an efficiency play when he pulls it.  I wish he would slide though instead of thinking he's Perkins. He went out and played a good game tonight.

On if they've connected some dots from BYU:

When we go tempo and are spread out and he's reacting, he has a great feel for the game. When we have two backs and pound it, he's looking too much. But he loves the tempo offense, when we're playing fast.  That's what we did in the second half last week. So we started the game with that. Last week helped him, the second half really helped him.

On if they feel they can only beat themselves:

Its college football, every week is different. Its nice we can come out and play like this on the road.  The players, they've had a few nicks on defense, so they challenged the offense and said you've got to step up and help us and I was proud of what we did.

On if Paul Perkins is a different back:

To me, he's a complete guy, a complete back. I'm old, I can't remember last week, or last year, but I love the kid. What's so cool is that when the other guys are in there, he's the first one on the bench, helping them. He's the glue, he's back there with Josh.

On responding to doubters:

If thats the case, then you guys just keep doubting us. Our kids are a hard nosed group. They love the challenge.

On Josh Rosen's level-headedness:

Its crazy. Last week we were 0-for-9 on third down, today, 6-for-7, 11-for-15.  He held his water in there. That's where I saw the difference from last week.

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