VIDEO: Deon Hollins on Run Defense

Sept. 27 -- Deon Hollins talks about how much they prepared for the backup quarterback and what the issues were in the run game...

Deon Hollins:

On the linebackers:

I think they're wonderful players. You saw Isaac's performance last week, so those guys can come in and play. There is not very much drop off.  Small gap problems we have right now. Once those get fixed, we'll be fine.

On stopping running quarterbacks:

Utah, that was in my head the whole game. We need to do a better job of adjusting. Even last year, we just prparfed for Travis Wilson, and the other guy comes in.

On how much they scouted Randall:

We were prepared for Anu the whole game. We were shooting for the backup to come in.

On what Mora said to them:

That's not our standard. I'm sick right now.  Just to give up that many yards, that's not what we're capable of so we'll come back next week and be better.

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