VIDEO: Tahaan Goodman on Starting

Sept. 29 -- Tahaan Goodman talks about starting and what he has improved over the last year...

Tahaan Goodman:

On the challenges of playing a different role:

As far as challenges, I wouldn't say there were many challenges that we didn't practice.

On his growth:

Overall, I'm growing in so many aspects, mentally, spiritually, the technique. Nothing specific, but I've grown in a lot of ways.

On how much Myles Jack's absence affects the secondary:

It doesn't affect us too much, we do the same thing we always do.  We prepare like we always do.  Its the same kind of approach.

On the challenges of ASU:

As any other team would, you just have to get out and basically scheme them up and practice hard.

On avoiding a letdown:

We'll work hard in practice and let our talk play out on the field.

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