VIDEO: Paul Perkins on O-Line, Arizona

Sept. 28 -- Paul Perkins talks about the blocking of the offensive line and how the run game did against Arizona...

Paul Perkins:

On the run blocking compared to last season:

I think the group has come a long way. They've gelled as a unit and have made tremendous strides.

On the right side of the offensive line:

Oh Caleb and Alex, they're doing so good. They've grown up together. They came in the same class. They're really doing a good job.  

On if it keeps him fresh with big holes:

Yeah that and we have a lot of good running backs we're rotating in. Everyone is getting looks.

On if it was Soso Jamabo's best game:

Probably. He's only really played two games. We were watching film and he showed some good stuff.  But he'll get confidence, the more carries he gets.

On what it would take for him to get a horse collar call:

Ha, I don't know. I was looking at the ref, like, dang, you can't even get me a horsecollar? And he pulled my hair.  That kind of hurt.  

On if he'll get a haircut:

No chance.

On Arizona State:

We have to go through our reads and ID the defense in front of us.

On if he and his brother Bryce have talked trash:

Nah, I'm not going to talk trash.  On the field I will.  Not during texts.  I just see how he's doing.  Hopefully I get run out of bounds on their side and I get to see him.

On playing desperate:

You have to make sure you play your style of football and stay on schedule.  Get first downs, get some momentum on your side.  

On red zone usage increasing:

You'll have to ask Coach Mazzone on that one.

On if they'll struggle to take ASU serious:

No, ASU is still a great program.  We still have to look at them with tremendous respect. They can definitely come in and beat us.

On avoiding letdown:

Come out, play hard and physical, no plays off, no downs off, and play like we have the last four years.

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