VIDEO: Kenny Young on Defensive Performance

Sept. 28 -- UCLA linebacker Kenny Young talks about the defensive performance against Arizona and what he needs to fix...

Kenny Young:

On defending Arizona:

You always have to prepare for adjustments and changes.  We knew he was athletic and had to contain him and what we had to do to make the right adjustments.

On how they tried to contain him:

At the end of the day, we just have to play football. We shouldn't have given up that many yards.  Personally, I have to play a whole lot better.  The defense as a whole could have played a whole lot better, but it starts with me. We'll get the guys going this week for Arizona State.

On what specifically they need to improve on:

Everything. We need to tackle better. The yards we gave up, its embarrassing to me and to put on TV.  We need to practice with more urgency.  Everything I need to do better. That's the part I'll take forward.  I'm not very happy. We won, but I'm not happy at all.

On how his and Isaako Savaainaea's duties differ:

He's a great linebacker and I trust him.  I just play football. With Jayon being out in the game and Myles being out, I have to step up even more.

On missing Myles Jack:

I trust the next guys coming forward, thats the thing with the linebackers. With Myles being out, its good we got the W, but with him being gone it was different. I felt horrible about the game.

On what Arizona did that confused them:

I dont think anything confusing, I just think we need to play better and harder.  I take the blame.

On why he takes so much blame:

I have to. That's what I put on my shoulders. I have to play better. Its that simple.  403 yards, thats too many yards. 21 missed tackles? Come on man. We're supposed to be a top defense and missing 21 tackles. I missed too many tackles.

On if the quarterback change threw them off:

We could have changed things more, but we have to learn from the mistakes and worry about the game moving forward.

On how they can get better:

Its a mindset.  As a group, not just individually. We have to get on the same page.  What we did  Saturday, we have to improve on everything, defense, special teams, offense. For everyone to see that role, we'll be a solid football team.

On what they missed most without Myles:

Everyone knows he's an athletic guy.  What could have happened if Myles was there? No one knows, he didn't play. We got the W.  We have things to work on.

On their takeaways:

For me, I pay attention to the good, but I don't feed off the good. You're supposed to stop them, they're not supposed to score touchdowns.  That's how I feel. I look at the mistakes.  Critical moments like that could affect the whole game.

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