VIDEO: Jordan Payton Talks Arizona

Sept. 30 -- Jordan Payton talks about his growing connection with Josh Rosen and the big offensive performance against Arizona...

Jordan Payton:

On their offensive performance:

We just came out and played. We didn't really buy into all the craziness going on.  We went out there and executed.

On ignoring the noise:

We don't even talk about it, none of us.  We talk about what we've seen before and what we've been through. We've been through the situation where we started to talk about it and got hit in the mouth the next week.  Now its about being mature about it.

On facing Devin Lucien:

Devin is a good friend of mine. Unfortunately, he went to play for another Pac-12 school. It will be nice to see him before the game. But at the end of the day, it's football.  It's a game.  I'm not there for the friendships, I'm there for the wins so I have to focus on what I have to do.

On if they stay in touch:

Yeah. He's called a couple times.  He's a good guy, I've known him for a long time.  Since middle school.  You wish the best for your friends, when you're not playing them.  He was here a long time. I'm excited to play against him and to see him.  

On ASU's blitzing defense:

Executing our routes, being there when you're supposed to be there.  From what I watch, they bring a lot of pressure.  Don't let that score last week think any less of them. They're a very good football team who comes to play. We have to be ready for a bigtime game at the Rose Bowl, execute, and be physical in our routes and get open for Josh.

On building chemistry with Rosen:

With Brett, I had a couple years with him, to figure it out last year. With Josh, we have to expedite that.  The first couple, he missed a couple long runs, but now we're connecting more. Its exciting. Its nice to know we're finally on the same page and looking forward to building that.

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