Demetric Felton Set for UCLA Official

Sept. 29 -- The Temecula (Calif.) Great Oak four-star athlete and UCLA commit will take his official visit to UCLA this weekend...

Temecula (Calif.) Great Oak athlete Demetric Felton (5-10,180) committed to UCLA back in March.

This coming weekend, the four-star will take what he expects to be his only official visit, when he takes an official trip to UCLA.

"Right now, this will be the only one I take, the official visit to UCLA," said Felton.  "I'm going for the Arizona State game this weekend.  I'm really excited for it and looking forward to it."

Felton is 100% committed to the Bruins but said there are still some things about UCLA he wants to explore.

"Some of the main things about my official visit will be me talking more to the players already there and then having some one-on-one time with the coaches," said Felton.  "I haven't talked to the players much, so I'm looking forward to that.  Coach (Eric) Yarber is recruiting me and he and I talk a lot but I'm looking forward to talking to the other coaches, like Coach (Jim) Mora."

Felton is graduating in December and plans to be enrolled next January.

"I'm going to be on campus in January, so I don't really have a lot of time for other official visits anyway," said Felton.  "I mean, I may take one to another school just in case, but right now, this will be the only one I'm taking."

Schools haven't stopped pursuing Felton, with four other schools still trying to get him to consider them.

"A couple schools still try, like Arizona, Nebraska, Michigan and Arizona State," said Felton.  "Those are the main schools that hit me up once in a while and they all want me to visit."

Felton's teammate at Great Oak, Bryson Cain, committed to Arizona in summer, and he said the two joked going in to UCLA's game with the Wildcats over the weekend.

"He wanted to have some kind of deal on the game, but then I saw him at Homecoming (on Saturday) and said a few things about it and he walked the other way," joked Felton.

Felton said the Bruins win over Arizona impressed him, particularly what he saw from freshman quarterback Josh Rosen. Felton was also at the Bruins' home opener against Virginia and saw Rosen up close that weekend.

"It gives you a lot of confidence when you have a quarterback like Josh Rosen," said Felton.  "He shares the ball and makes good throws.  That's the confidence you want to have in a quarterback.  He's looked really good."

With a lot of bigger, possession-type receivers on the UCLA roster, Felton is eager to bring a different dimension to the Bruin offense.

"Right now, all I know is that they want me for the slot position even though they said I could line up occasionally in the backfield," said Felton.   "But slot is what they want me to come in and play.  They have a lot of big, possession receivers but not a lot of speedy receivers.  They've been wanting some speed so it's good to know that I can fill that role.  I'm looking forward to playing the slot because I love that position.  I'm actually trying to get my coach to put me in that position more but they need me at running back."

Felton has gotten to know a ton of commits for UCLA's 2016 class.

"We are in a big group chat and we talk a whole bunch," said Felton.  "I've really gotten close with J.J. Molson, he's a cool guy and Darian Owens.  And of course, Matt Lynch, we're getting that rapport there.  And I'm working on Thaddeus Moss a lot too.  We'll go on Xbox and talk there when we play."

With five members of Ground Zero 7v7 headed to UCLA, Felton likes the fact they'll be playing together in college.

"It's really cool because we always talk about rooming with each other and we're already going to know people and won't be alone," said Felton.

Felton said he's been excited with what he's seen from UCLA so far.

"They're tough," said Felton.  "Their defense is really tough and the offense scores points. I have a really good feeling about the team.  You can't go wrong."

And the proximity to home doesn't hurt.

"My family is definitely excited that I'm staying close because they want to have that connection," said Felton.  "It won't have to be just phone calls, they can drive up any time or I can drive home and we can see each other."

Felton and Great Oak have a bye this weekend.

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